Studies show that mentors and friends determine your career path. Find that support group here:

How Joining Can Help

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Find Peers

Talk to other women who are as dedicated to their careers as you are. We employ our proven algorithmic process to create "mini-meetup" groups of three that are selected by peer groups, industry, and city.

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Find Mentorship

Connect to intelligent women via Skype to either seek advice and insight on your personal career path, or role playing feedback on other work related situations. Our mentorship program allows you to meet with as many new mentors in order to establish that mentor relationship that you desire.

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Mentor Others

You don't have to be a top executive at a Fortune 100 company, all you need is the experience to provide your mentee with beneficial guidance. Connect with other women interested in your position, and help other women attain the same career success as you. This program is not a full time committment; you are able to chat with your mentee when it is convenient for you.

How It Works

Matching with Peers

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If you are a woman in the tech or business industries (more industries coming soon), sign up above!

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We'll send you a questionnaire to determine your company position, industry, and your career goals.

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In the middle of each month, we will match you with two other compatible women for a fun and supportive mini-meetup that your group will be responsible for organizing. We ask that you commit to one meeting, but we encourage you to stay in touch with those you connect with.

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Continue meeting intelligent and influential women at least once a month for career advice or for developing new friendships!

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Getting Advice

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In the get to know you questionnaire we send you, do not hestiate to share any relevant scenarios or questions on your mind.

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We will do our best to address your questions by introducing you to women who are able to provide insightful answers. Since mentors often have busy work schedules, as you are well aware, these meetups tend to occur over Skype to reduce time while maximizing insightful solutions.

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Keep in touch with those you have chemistry with and continue meeting new women to expand your network!

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If there's a lack in chemistry, then feel free to thank them for their time and request a new mentor next time.

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Becoming a Mentor

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when you signup for peer mentoring, we will ask you if you want to participate as a mentor. Don't let your position restrict your decision to mentor, as regardless of your position, your experience will enable you to provide others with the career insight they are seeking.

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As a mentor, you only need to make a one meeting commitment, whether it be once a month or once a year. During your meeting with your mentee you will be asked to provide advice for various career related situations, so don't be afraid to offer honest and constructive advice!

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Interested in forming deeper bonds with women based on similar career goals and current career paths, or simply want to develop new friendships? Then become a mentor and we'll help discover those mentee(s) that not only you can inspire , but will also encourage you to continue being successful in your company and industry!

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Tips to Get Started


So, you got your matches for the month, you're meeting two new women and you want to make the most of it? The best way to network is to GIVE FIRST! Here's some tips:

  • Be open-minded. You never know before you meet someone who could be a great new friend or have a connection you need.
  • Start by asking questions. Get to know where these folks are at with their careers, where they want to go, and what roadblocks are in the way.
  • End the conversation with asking, "Is there a way I can help?" Often we're too shy to ask, but there are so many ways to help each other! Even simple introductions or tweeting about someone's project may aid them.
  • Be genuine. If it's not a fit to stay in touch and be friends, that's ok. Making peer connections is all about chemistry. You will meet more women next month and hopefully see each other around events!


Thank you for volunteering your time to give back to those coming up behind you on the ladder! Here's some ways to make the most of it:

  • Start by asking questions. It's important to understand where someone is in their career and where they want to go. Once you know that, it's just a matter of recognizing the roadblocks they face, and how to get past them.
  • Keep listening. Often your mentee has their own answer. Strongly affirm that answer when they find it. The conclusions they come to themselves stick better than anything you could say.
  • Be genuine. If it's not a fit after the first phone call, it's ok to move on and get a new mentee next month. This is about chemistry! Let them find someone who does believe in them to save both of you a lot of head and heart ache.
  • Set expectations. If you really believe in your mentee and want to keep in contact, agree on how you will communicate, when and what your goals are. This will help a great deal in paving the way to good mentor/mentee relationship.


If you received a mentor from our platform who is ready to answer your questions, please make the most of the experience! We have a shortage of women willing to give their time to this and we trust you to learn from it.

  • Be proactive! It's on you to reach out to your mentor that month. Follow up quickly to schedule a call and do so politely.
  • Know your ask. The more you've thought about what you need and can ask specifically the more someone can help you. "I just want someone to mentor me overall" doesn't give them anyway to help.
  • Thank them for their time. In the first email, on the call, and in any follow-up. They're busy people!
  • Let them know if you're too busy. If you signed up on accident and can't complete your mentor match this month, say something! "Ghosting" is not appropriate here.

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